M2M Technologies, LLC Announces Release of Asset Tracking Product Options

COLUMBUS, OHIO, September 3, 2019 — M2M Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of three asset tracking product options under the Asset Tracking by Shield brand. These products build upon the features of M2M Technologies’ well-established Shield Stolen Vehicle Recovery device by providing different reporting profiles and granting user access within the asset tracking platform.

Mark Dillon, President of M2M Technologies stated, “We have listened to our customers and have identified an opportunity to become an industry leader in self-powered asset tracking devices. At M2M Technologies, we continue to strive to provide innovative and effective products to the marketplace and are eager to fill a need in the asset tracking industry.”

Asset Tracking by Shield is a battery-operated tracking device, which utilizes the benefits of the ultra-low power CAT M1 LTE network and Wi-Fi location technology. There are no additional service contracts, monthly subscription costs or installation requirements, making this device a top-tier and hassle-free solution. In addition, the intuitive web interface, Atrax was specifically designed for asset tracking without the complexity of traditional fleet management systems.

Asset Tracking Lite, Standard and Plus will all provide the same benefits to the user, but at different reporting frequencies and battery life cycles. The core Asset Tracking by Shield product will report its location every twelve (12) hours and with a battery life of two (2) years. The Lite product will report its location every six (6) hours with a battery life of one (1) year. Finally, the Plus product will report its location every twenty-four (24) hours with a battery life of three (3) years.

For additional product information, visit http://www.getm2m.com/asset-tracking. Contact Mark Dillon at 614-656-8056 for more information or to place your order.