'Tis the Season to Shield Your Assets

‘Tis The Season to Shield Your Property From Item and Vehicle Theft

The top ranked holiday for car theft - New Year’s Day (according to an annual report on holiday auto thefts from the National Insurance Crime Bureau) is quickly approaching. Now is the time to be wary and vigilant when it comes to protecting your property.

The NICB annual report stated that “a total of 22,770 vehicles were reported stolen” in 2017 on the 11 holidays included in the report. While you may be taking time off from work to celebrate with family and/or friends, thieves are still out there looking for their next target. And during this busy holiday season you may have recently purchased gifts in the trunk or personal documents in the glove compartment. Having property stolen from your vehicle or having the vehicle itself stolen, can cause headaches, heartaches and a large financial burden.

So here are 4 tips to help you keep your property safe and secure:

  1. Park in well-lit areas when possible.

  2. Thieves don’t just window shop! Do not leave your shopping bags or documents in plain sight in your vehicle.

  3. Always lock your vehicle. Even when it is in your driveway!

  4. Secure your peace of mind with our new device Shield, which offers battery operated tracking capabilities invisible to thieves.

While we hope you have a happy and safe holiday season, it is important to remain vigilant when it comes to protecting your valuable property.

Learn more about how you can shield your vehicle here. Contact us at Shield@getM2M.com for more information.