The Sentry CatM1 Vehicle Tracker works on the LTE network with a projected life of over 15 years. GSM and CDMA networks are currently being sunset by the cellular carriers. This device is designed for ultra-low power consumption with deep sleep modes in the micro- amps. It is also designed for deeper building penetration for cellular coverage than any of the current technologies on the market. In addition, each unit has backup battery, built in shock sensors for cabin entry protection and low energy Bluetooth that can integrate and control Bluetooth mesh network.

iLocate Tracker-clean.png

Key Features

Asset location tracking.
Motion monitoring.
Battery backup operation.
Electronic data logging.
Missing or stolen vehicle recovery.

The Bluetooth Mesh Capabilities

Allow for applications to be developed for the consumer to control and set features from their cell phone. For example, to enable and disable the wireless starter relay to immobilize the vehicle or to adjust the sensitivity of the shock sensor.

Unlimited I/O Capability

Due to its Bluetooth mesh design, the M2M Technologies Sentry Vehicle Tracker has the ability to control virtually unlimited I/O Bluetooth sensors and control devices. Examples of Bluetooth sensors and control devices include:

  • Wireless starter relay.

  • Wireless payment reminder.

  • Wireless door opening or closing.

  • Wireless motion sensors (bilge pumps, tow truck lifts, power generators).

  • Temperature and humidity sensors.

  • Motion sensors.

  • Smart Phone App Interface.

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