Asset Tracking by Shield allows you keep important details on all of your assets – from handheld devices and small equipment to heavy machinery, vehicles and valuables.  Eliminate complicated data-entry with our automated tracker and an intuitive web interface you can use from anywhere.


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Asset Tracking by Shield allows you to track and locate any asset regardless of power source. Vehicle, boat, trailer, RV, construction equipment, generator, golf cart, and so much more. With the magnetic design, attach the device to any magnetic surface for easy install. Areas for screw placement are also available. Most importantly, Asset Tracking by Shield is easy to use. The device comes charged and active. Simply place the device on the asset you want to track, register it on our website and go.


4G LTE Cat M1 Coverage
Asset Tracking by Shield provides top-tier coverage to give you exact location information. It enables longer battery lifecycles and greater in-building range.

Indoor Positioning
Indoor positioning technology permits the transfer of WiFi location information in environments lacking GPS accessibility, which otherwise would have been prohibited.

All Inclusive Pricing
There are no additional service fees, contracts, or unexpected costs. Each device includes a SIM card and immediate tracking capabilities.

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